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ACUKWIK Responsive Site

ACUKWIK Responsive Site

AC-U-KWIK is an online flight planning resource for business aviation. The website needed to be migrated to different server which would allow to add e-commerce component that was previously hosted as a separate site and became a pain point for business from user experience perspective due to both technological issues and user flow difficulties. In addition to above said previous website was coded for desktop only and presented a real challenge to anyone trying to access AC-U-KWIK on phone or a small screen device.

User Research and any other UX Research on this project was limited due to the budget and tight deadlines. The only research type our group was able to use was Analytical. We were able to pull and analyze data from Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics and most valuable Mouseflow session recordings and heat maps. Observing user behavior on key pages of the site through user session recording helped us make design decisions during design stage.

We started design by building site map of existing website analyzed user flows and proposed changes reflected in a new sitemap of a future site. Next step was building responsive wireframes with Axure. Here is an link to some responsive wireframes. You can also click image below.

Either at the end of this month  or in early to mid September ACUKWIK will release new fully responsive website. See image below representing old and new home page overlaid over each other. Drag lever in the middle to reveal one or the other fully.

Team Members

Serge Andreyev - UX Research, UX Design
John Kim - UX Design
Karolina Lach - Visual Design
Sebastian Broways - Team Lead

Client name
Responsive Wireframing, Axure, Sitemapping, HTML Prototype, Analytics & User Research