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Aviation Week App

Aviation Week App

Aviation Week & Space Technology app allows subscribers to Aviation Week & Space Technology magazine to follow all of the Aviation Week’s content on their phone or tablet. On this project I was tasked with User Testing the app prior to it’s release.

Aviation and space enthusiast who subscribed to printed edition of Aviation Week were invited to attend this research on our site location. Most participants where utilizing iOS therefore most recordings where made with QuickTime screen recording while both phone and tablet devices were connected to screens via Reflector app. For limited Android users mobizen app was utilize to record user tests. User Tests revealed a number of usability issues which UX team recommended to fix prior to market release.


Team Members

Serge Andreyev – User Testing, UX Report
Karolina Lach – Visual Design
Sebastian Broways – Team Lead

Client name
Aviation Week
Prototyping, User testing, UX Report