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FarmProgress App Weed ID

FarmProgress App Weed ID

Ag Weed ID is an in-hand tool to help producers identify weeds during scouting in 6 major row crops (corn, cotton, rice, sorghum, soybeans, and wheat), from the experts at Penton Farm Progress Group.

Very aggressive deadline and tight budget did not allow team to travel across the country interviewing farmers or creating a user group to interview. All that was available to the team are product owner interviews. Luckily key stakeholders had intimate knowledge of scouting process that farmers engage in and were able to provide answers to key questions that helped make design decisions during wireframing and flow determining stages.

Design stage started with high fidelity wireframes. To help with user flow tweaks a prototype out of wires was created in InVision. Results of random hallway testing allow to make user flow changes early on.


High fidelity prototype also created in InVision helped explain flows and interactions to development team. Also early tests with high fidelity comps revealed that 50% of users were unable to complete a task under certain scenarios. When scenarios where simplified by allowing user fewer flow options task completion was improved.


As a result of great team work the product (iOS version) was out to market in 4 month. Android version followed in few weeks. Product quickly gained popularity among users and climbed to a second place among most downloaded Penton apps.

Team Members

Serge Andreyev – UX Research, UX Design
Kaming Liu – Visual Design
Lisa Schneider – Product Owner

Client name
Farm Progress
APP Design, UX Design, Wireframing, Prototyping, User Testing