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HELP USA Site Redesign

HELP USA Site Redesign

HELP USA is a national housing and homeless services organization that is dedicated to the premise that all people deserve safe, stable housing. The objective of the site redesign project was to replace older desktop only website with responsive site accessible and user friendly on all devices.

Brand provided our team with specification document as well as some user research. Our team was called upon to provide sitemap reflecting new, simplified site architecture, and low fidelity wireframes. Afterwards we started work on visuals that included desktop and mobile samples.

This design provided a nice modern update to HELP USA and offered an opportunity to reach out to users on any devices, laptops, tablets and phones. Regrettably this version of design is no longer live. Current site for HELP used a similar approach to design, but has a slightly different look.

Team Members

Serge Andreyev – Wireframes, Visual Design
Paddy Driscoll – Wireframes, Visual Design
Michael Mancuso – Team Lead

Client name
Visual Design, Sitemapping, Wireframing