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Responsive Newsletter

Responsive Newsletter

Almost each Penton brand has at least one newsletter continuously going out to their users. There are over a hundred brands under Penton umbrella. Over 95% of brands email their newsletter through same email system and therefore use uniformed design templates to put together and send email newsletters. Prior to this project Penton brands sent email newsletters that were not mobile friendly, and that desperately needed to change.

I was tasked with creating wireframes for 2 view ports which would allow creation of mobile friendly newsletters.

As the project was completed Penton gained much needed flexibility for their newsletters allowing users to engage with Penton brands newsletters on a variety of mobile devices. This redesign had a tremendous impact on user engagement, since usage of mobile devices has grown incredibly fast in recent years.

Team Members

Serge Andreyev – UX Design, Wireframes
Sebastian Broways – Team Lead

Client name
Wireframing, Responsive Design