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Waste360 University

Waste360 University

Waste360 University is your online gateway for education and training from leading experts in the waste, recycling, and organics industry. Our team was tasked with finding out how urgent is the need for online education within waste & recycling community. Then create first online education platform for Penton brands.

One-on-one interviews and focus group have been conducted in order to find out if there is a need for online educational courses inside waste & recycling community. Our user interviews also included other objectives besides need for online education, such as usability of current Waste360.com site as well as specific topics that interest waste & recycling professionals. User Interviews were conducted remotely using join.me app. To learn more about this type of User Interviewing read more here.

Waste360 University as well as other Penton online educational products use a 3rd party platform as its base, so designs efforts were limited by platform capability. Team has provided some visual design guides to 3rd party platform developers.

C-level executive wanted our team to user test first learning platform prior to release while concentrating on A/B testing top hero image specifically. User test however found that the imagery was not a primary factor to which users reacted. Information architecture, layout and overall page structure were of paramount importance to the users.

Once the first educational site was populated with content our team has evaluated site for usability and created UX Report to summarize our findings.

Team Members

Serge Andreyev – UX Research, UX Design
Danielle Pacheco – UX Research, UX Design
Sebastian Broways – Team Lead

Client name
User Research, User Interviews, UX Report, Sitemapping